Thursday, October 23, 2008

Working the Social Media News Release

Today's consumer is more web savvy than ever before. It is the job of the public relations practitioner to accommodate to the consumer in order to form a positive relationship between the organization and the consumer. The consumer has demanded that an organization alter their message format, and the PR professional has done this through the use of a social media news release.

In recent years, the social media news release has become more and more important. This innovation has increased the ease of use for the media, as well as allowed them to easy accessibility to other online facets of one's organization. For example, by distributing a social media news release, the media or other intended target are able to quickly click on links to gain more information, such as a Web site, RSS feeds, or an organizations Facebook profile.

A blog post by Lee Oden offers some great reasons for using social media news releases. One of particular interest is the ability for the PR professional to help the journalist out, thus increasing media relations. Oden suggests that using this new type of press release helps publications who are expected to do more with less staff than ever before. By utilizing a social media press release, a journalist instantly has access to additional resources, images, video and audio without having to actively pursue these items.


Natalie said...

I loved your link! You are so good at finding interesting information. I agree that social news releases provide the journalist with additional resources; thus, it is easier for them. They are so busy, that the easy way will be the one they choose!

Akwesi Antwi said...

I think Online news media is revolutionary.I couldn't agree with you more as to how quickness and effective this can be. Lots of time can be saved with this